"The world is round. But everybody has to sail around by his own – only a few come around." (Hebbel)


Kathrin Klotzki-Progri
Loher Weg 13
D 57223 Kreuztal
Tel + Fax +49 (0)2732 4429

Kathrin Klotzki-Progri, born in '65
Study for "Audio-Visual Design for Comunication Arts"
– until now: still hard work in different agencies –

Paintings from the heart show the soul...
In fact, reading books about "Nordic Mythology", creating short stories in text and illustration for young nieces and looking at empty white spaces on the kitchen-wallpaper, they scream to be covered with drawings, are definitely the best reason to start painting again. And a girl friend you know since ages disturbes you in your lethargy with an offer to use an exhibition-room and pushes you on "Do it!" is more than a lucky change.
Well, I did it! After 10 years working in agencies for commercial art I began to paint without offical order. It was hard work to fix the tidal wave of ideas onto a white paper – and it were also teachable times (recently my husband manages ironing perfectly!).

I caught the good fortune (or curse?) to be equipped with a strong urge and curiosity. To discover and experience life itself is on a pretty high level on my private scale of preferences. It causes me to break boundaries, to see what everybody sees, but to think, what nobody has thought yet.

Have pleasure during a flying visit.

By the way ­ various courses in drawing and painting (at home and in Tuscany, Italy) are regulary in the programme; some of these paintings are for sale. Inquiries, comments and orders are welcome – click here.

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